A toddler Naughty Leopard costume?!
A toddler Naughty Leopard costume?!

This is one of those products that just doesn’t make sense. Like, how did it make it from idea, to production, to packaging, to distribution, to store shelves, without ONE PERSON saying, “maybe this is a bad idea.”

Apparently, people have been spotting a Halloween costume for sale at Walmart called the NAUGHTY LEOPARD . . . aimed at TODDLER GIRLS?

It isn’t ANYTHING like the “naughty” costumes for adult women. It’s more like an age-appropriate black dress you’d put your daughter in, plus some animal ears.

Walmart hasn’t commented on the costume.

Even though the packaging says “Naughty Leopard,” Walmart took that part off its website and just calls it the “Leopard Child Halloween Costume.”

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