Check Your Pizza for Mold!
Check Your Pizza for Mold!

A 41-year-old guy named Matt Hewett ordered a pizza from Domino’s to share with his five-year-old son.

It looked normal, so he started eating, and got through a whole slice. But when he went to dip the crust in some barbecue sauce, he saw a little green speck.

Then he looked closer and saw a few MORE specks. And when he checked the bottom of the pizza . . . he realized the entire thing was covered in MOLD.

Obviously Matt stopped eating. Luckily his son was still in the bathtub, and hadn’t had any at that point.

He called the store to tell them, but he says they were rude and dismissive. Then he had stomach cramps the next day, so he posted a photo of the mold on the Domino’s Facebook and Twitter pages. And they eventually refunded his money.

It’s not clear if they’re doing anything ELSE to compensate him. But the store he ordered from actually has a good health safety rating, so Domino’s is trying to figure out what went wrong.

(Daily Mail)

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