Does she need her stepdad to get her a date?
Does she need her stepdad to get her a date?

This stepdad might just need to ease up just a bit…

A man in Florida is giving away two tickets to the big game on Saturday between the University of Florida and the University of Tennessee. But there’s a catch.

The person who gets the tickets has to take this guy’s stepdaughter to the game on a date.

The guy’s Craigslist ad says, quote, “Your cost will be a modest dinner, drinks, and delightful conversation with her before or after the game.”

Her stepdad is reviewing people who submitted to the ad. He’s looking for, quote, “an attractive, professional, single, well-educated gentleman with a good sense of humor, [ages] 25 to 33.”

He’s also hoping the person is a Tennessee fan. Geez.

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