Kelsey Grammer Speaks to Sister’s Killer
Kelsey Grammer Speaks to Sister’s Killer

The man who raped and killed KELSEY GRAMMER’S sister in 1975 was up for parole this week.  Kelsey actually “attended” the hearing over a monitor, and spoke directly to the perpetrator, 57-year-old Freddie Glenn.

Glenn said he’d turned his life around, and was hoping for a second chance.  And Kelsey actually FORGAVE him, but didn’t let him off the hook.

He asked Glenn, quote, “If someone did to your sister what you did to mine, what would you think should be done to him?”

Glenn replied, quote, “I would be hurt, and I would be angry.  I would like to think one day I would forgive.”

And Kelsey told him, quote, “I accept that you actually live with remorse every day of your life, but I live with tragedy every day of mine.  I accept your apology.  I forgive you.  However, I cannot give your release my endorsement.

“To give that a blessing would be a betrayal of my sister’s life.”  Glenn was denied parole.

(Kelsey’s sister was 18 when she was killed.  Kelsey was around 20 years old.)

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