renee again

Thursday, October 23, 201410/23/2014

Renee Zellwegger: Before and After

What exactly did she have done?

ELLE's 21st Annual Women In Hollywood Celebration - Red Carpet

Wednesday, October 22, 201410/22/2014

What the heck happened to Renee Zellwegger?

Renee Zellwegger attended the “Elle” magazine Women in Hollywood event Monday night looking like . . . ANYONE BUT RENEE…


Tuesday, October 14, 201410/14/2014

The Frankenstein Pumpkin!

Wouldn’t this awesome at your front door?


Thursday, October 9, 201410/09/2014

Touchdown for 7-year-old Cancer Patient!

I can’t watch this without getting a lump in my throat…


Thursday, October 2, 201410/02/2014

Maroon 5: too far with their new video?

Don’t watch this video if you’re easily offended!


Monday, September 29, 201409/29/2014

The Clintons are grandparents!

Chelsea had a baby girl…


Friday, September 26, 201409/26/2014

“You Poked My Heart”

I think this guy wins because of his cuteness…

Joan Lunden

Thursday, September 25, 201409/25/2014

Joan Lunden is Bald…and Brave

Lunden: “I will beat this!”

Cliff Baby

Wednesday, September 17, 201409/17/2014

Scary! Baby on a Cliff?!?

This picture makes me nervous!


Monday, September 8, 201409/08/2014

The $139 Million Dollar House!

This might be the house for you!

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