New baby

Thursday, January 16, 201401/16/2014

Attack of the Devil Baby!

Warning! Probably not for small children!


Wednesday, January 15, 201401/15/2014

13 year old hits buzzer beater…twice!

This kid has got an arm!


Tuesday, January 14, 201401/14/2014

Texting Triggers Theater Shooting

A deadly overreaction to a common thing.


Sunday, January 12, 201401/12/2014

Fresh Guacamole!

Once you start watching, you can’t stop!


Friday, January 10, 201401/10/2014

The WWE is coming back to Jonesboro!

Tickets go on sale the 25th!


Tuesday, January 7, 201401/07/2014

Women are offended by the new Fox Sports ad

It’s hard to believe someone thought this would be a good idea!


Monday, January 6, 201401/06/2014

The new Old Spice ad has moms crying!

“Mom’s Song” has women in tears…from laughing…


Friday, January 3, 201401/03/2014

The 500-foot basketball shot

You’ve never seen a shot like this!

Thursday, January 2, 201401/02/2014

Coming Up

In Coming Up

Back to school time goes better when you listen to Brett Hall and Mix in the Morning! It’s always kid-safe…you’ll…

Bon Jovi

Tuesday, December 31, 201312/31/2013

Who made the biggest bucks on tour in 2013?

Concert revenues were up 24% this year over 2012.

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